Regional Managers of American Efficiency Services

AES MD Regional Manager

Dusty “DJ” Booth

Northeast Regional Manager

DJ has more than 20 years of experience in the condenser services field. Prior to joining AES in February 2020, he gained extensive knowledge working as a Supervisor/Project Manager for DZ Atlantic where he performed Helium Leak Detection testing, Tube Cleaning, and Expansion Joint Replacements. Rise from the ranks, DJ’s commitment to safety, quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction earned him the position of managing AES’ Northeast Regional office.

Shane Kiel

Shane Kiel

Mid-West Regional Manager

Shane, a US Navy veteran, started at AES as an NDT Technician in 2004. His drive, determination, and personality made him an outstanding choice to head-up the Mid-West Regional office in June of 2007. Shane is foremost dedicated to the safety of his team members and is a valuable advocate of the AES culture, all while ensuring customer satisfaction, responsiveness, and overall quality of service.

David Bryant

David Bryant

Southeast Regional Manager

Prior to being hired on with AES in 2012, Dave spent six years installing and inspecting fire sprinkler systems. His leadership skills and ability to complete projects effectively and efficiently makes him a great fit for his current role as AES’ Southeast Regional Manager. In addition, as of January 2021, Dave has taken on the role of Safety Manager, working daily to improve our safety culture. Dave understands the company’s vision, various work environments, the needs of our customers, and how to ensure AES personnel are properly trained.

Chris – South Central Regional Manager

Christopher Lencioni

South Central Regional Manager

As one of the original five employees, Chris has been an integral part of AES operations from the beginning. He has grown with the company and understands our commitment to safety and operational integrity. His dedication and loyalty to the company made him the perfect choice to manage our South Central office as of January 2021.

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