Small Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning Services

A small heat exchanger cleaning can present challenges including limited accessibility, smaller diameter tubes, and deposits. American Efficiency Services has various types of equipment at its disposal that allows us to adapt to most of the unique situations that can be encountered in an industrial environment. AES has completed small heat exchanger cleanings ranging in size from as few as 40 tubes upward to 3,200 tubes.


The first option in small heat exchanger cleaning is to use the Quick-shot air and water or the water pump systems that AES uses during the main condenser cleanings. These systems allow for time-efficient cleaning; should tube size and/or accessibility not allow for the larger equipment, AES relies on the Goodway AWT-100X heat exchanger tube cleaning system. The AWT-100X tube cleaning system has the power and versatility to clean virtually any tube in wet or dry mode. The speed and torque of the unit’s flexible shaft is controlled by the cleaning operator so the AWT-100X can adapt to the various types of deposits. AES typically uses the AWT-100X in the wet mode to ensure a quality flushing during the cleaning but for those systems that must remain dry it is a quick pivot.


For complete heat exchanger cleaning services, AES has the crew, tools, heat exchanger cleaning chemicals and experience to get the job done for you.

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Heat Exchanger Cleaning Deposits

Many different types of cleaning heads can be fitted to the end of the AWT-100X shaft for whatever deposits are encountered during heat exchanger tube cleaning and maintenance. Since most of the smaller heat exchangers have a smaller inner diameter (ID) it only takes a small amount of deposit to start to close off the tube. The greater the fouling the more difficult it is to pass the cooling medium during operation and the cleaning head during maintenance.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning Heads

These cleaning heads range from a nylon brush for light deposits, a stainless-steel wire brush, buffing tool for light to medium deposits, a PCH-180 abrasive cleaning head for extremely hard deposits to a carbide boring tool when the tubes are heavily plugged with debris. Depending on the deposit, several passes of various cleaner heads may be required to return the tube to its maximum efficiency.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning Quality

Heat Exchanger cleaning servicesAmerican Efficiency Services is one of the best heat exchanger maintenance companies to count on for your heat exchanger cleanings. AES’ philosophy is to, metaphorically speaking, “bring the heat exchanger out of the plant and onto our customer’s desk” during every heat exchanger maintenance project.


If plant personnel have a clear understanding of the tube conditions during the heat exchanger cleaning, then they can make critical decisions immediately and prior to the system being closed. Data collected during a heat exchanger tube cleaning project includes; as found tube, channel head, internal tube images and tube sheet conditions, cleaner head evaluation, deposit sample so the root cause of the deposit can be assessed and as left tube, channel head, internal tube images and tube sheet conditions.


At the conclusion of the cleaning all data will be compiled into one comprehensive report and delivered. This allows you to be fully informed of the maintenance completed and the functioning level of your equipment. You can consult with us on any questions or concerns you have that you discover in the data, and AES will always work with you to provide effective solutions for any issues AES discovers.

Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning Safety

American Efficiency Services’ commitment to safety is not reduced on small heat exchanger tube cleaning and maintenance projects. These exchangers provide their own unique safety hazards that are discussed by AES crews during the Job Safety Hazard Analysis, Pre-job, Mid-day Safety Briefings and throughout the heat exchanger cleaning.


Our commitment to safety is part of every job AES takes on, from beginning to end. During your Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning, AES will have an assigned Safety / Documentation Manager on site whose job it is to be aware of all safety procedures and who documents all findings for our end-of-the-project report.


AES crews are thoroughly trained in all OSHA standards of safety and receive annual safety review trainings. It is our belief that a safe job allows for an effective, thorough, and accountable job.

Path to Operational Efficiency

Condenser tube cleaning is only one spoke of a quality condenser health plan. AES condenser descaling can keep your condenser efficient but we provide the condenser services for the life of your condenser. Those services include condenser leak detection services to identify your condenser tube leaks, condenser eddy current so you can understand the health of your condenser tubes, condenser repair (tube plugging) for when a tube fails, and condenser retubing for when the current condenser tubes have lived their complete useful life.

How to Clean a Heat Exchanger

Take a Look at Our Heat Exchanger Cleaning Process

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