American Efficiency Services | Philosophy

The American Efficiency Services philosophy is this: the individuals doing the work make the difference in quality. American Efficiency Services is your source for safe, superior, guaranteed Leak Detection Inspections and Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning services.


​AES provides crews dedicated to safety, quality job performance, and completion. All personnel are full-time employees of AES. Our reporting system is ready to transfer photographs and video images to our customers directly from the condenser. We believe that if you don’t know the project status, we aren’t doing our job.


Efficiency experts have coupled our commitment to safety with our commitment to project documentation by assigning each project a Safety / Documentation Manager in addition to a Project Manager. The Safety / Documentation Manager’s responsibility is to ensure the on-site safety culture exceeds our customer’s requirements and achieves AES’ standards, while collecting cleaning information data and compiling a comprehensive report.



We have built our business and reputation on the following principles:


We believe safety is our LIFE work and are committed to safety at home, play, and work.


We pledge to deliver the most comprehensive leak detection inspection, tube cleaning and industrial inspection services available.  Our services will be delivered by knowledgeable, well-trained technicians. AES will assist in correcting problems where permissible and requested. Our goal is always to partner with you to improve the performance of your systems and to reduce operating costs.


Our service is built upon our guarantee: we will find your leak(s) or there is no charge for our services. AES will employ helium based technology and a systematic inspection methodology to find all leaks registering on our mass spectrometer so that when corrected, unit performance will improve.


We constantly inspect, test, and upgrade our equipment. We train our personnel using third party classes, on-the-job instruction, and video based training. We believe in taking the time to allow crew leaders to develop into a leadership position by exhibiting knowledge of the systems to be inspected using the AES methodology. We will always send a crew that we are confident will complete the job to your satisfaction.


Our technicians will follow AES methodology and procedures – while adhering to plant policies – to deliver a comprehensive inspection of each unit including all valves, welds, penetrations, rupture discs, and all other components of the system. We are efficient yet thorough, taking the necessary time to do a complete inspection. Quite simply, we “find more leaks” than our competitors.


AES has developed a reporting system designed to help you document maintenance and performance improvement. While still on-site, we will photograph and tag all leaks, determine the impact on the facilities system, and retest if repairs are attempted. Our comprehensive final report contains all available information on the leak including severity and potential effects on performance, suggestions for repairs, and detailed statistics to help determine when additional attention is needed on a particular set of parts within the system such as valve packings.

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