Cradle-Lock® Anti-Vibration Tube Stakes

American Efficiency Services proudly announces its acquisition of all legal rights to the Cradle-Lock® Anti-Vibration Tube Stake design. Since November of 1988, Cradle-Lock® has been the industry’s solution for vibration-induced tube failures in steam surface condensers and heat exchangers. Pioneered and patented by Bob Hahn, Cradle-Lock® Anti-Vibration Tube Stakes are now offered exclusively through AES.


Millions of our Cradle-Lock® stakes have been installed since its product launch, in a variety of applications throughout the world. We have a proven record of success in staking condensers and heat exchangers of all makes and tube sheet configurations using our designs for straight, back-to-back, beam, and spring stakes. There has not been one reported tube failure as a result of vibration where Cradle-Lock® stakes have been installed.


Tube damage because of vibration occurs when high-velocity steam travels through the tube bundle. Whether by design, a change of tube materials, or the result of a power uprate, the tubes are susceptible to all types of flow-induced vibration mechanisms. Most commonly, failures occur as a result of mid-span collision or circumferential fracture at the tube sheet or support plates. Tube vibration, if left unresolved, may result in catastrophic tube failures and the subsequent unplanned shutdown of the unit.

Cradle-lock Anti-vibration Tube Stakes



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Considering a retubing? We can perform a vibration analysis to ascertain if your new tubes will be susceptible to vibration damage.

Experiencing failures and uncertain if these are due to vibration? We can perform an inspection of your tube bundle.

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