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For Outages, Emergencies, and More

Electrical Generator Hydrogen System Inspections can be conducted with the unit on- or off-line. There are four main reasons you may wish to conduct an electrical generator hydrogen gas leak inspection. These reasons include:


  • Generator Safety: to ensure excessive pockets of hydrogen are not allowed to build up around the unit.
  • Routine Generator Leak Inspection: to understand where failures have occurred and to maintain an efficiently operating generator.
  • Preparation for an Outage: to ensure components in need of repair are addressed and scheduled accordingly and after the outage to ensure all repairs were made successfully.
  • Emergency Generator Inspections: in the event of a catastrophic failure where hydrogen loss exceeded the machine’s recommended amount.

Safe Practice

In addition to the normal utility safety precautions taken, one big change that has been made is that during a Generator Gas Leak Inspection our inspectors do not use any metal during the sniffing process.

Hydrogen Purity

If the generator inspection is conducted with the unit on-line helium is injected into the electrical generator’s hydrogen system. The main question from Generator System Owners is, ‘will the helium degrade my hydrogen purity’. The answer is no. During our generator inspections the purity has always been monitored closely with never a deviation in purity.

Generator Inspection Accuracy

Generator inspections can be as accurate to 1×10-9 cc/sec depending on the surrounding conditions.

Stator Cooling Water Generator Inspections

Stator cooling water generator leaks have been identified as well using helium to identify area of failure on and off-line.

Generator Inspection Availability

American Efficiency Services is available for any routine, safety, outage, or emergency generator inspections that you need for your Electrical Generator Hydrogen System. All personnel are highly trained in all aspects of generator inspection safety and have continued safety credential renewals. Trust us to conduct safe, efficient, and timely inspections for all of your needs.

Generator Gas Leak

How do we check gas leak with Helium?

American Efficiency ServicesTo date, identifying electrical generator hydrogen system leaks utilizing helium as a tracer gas, coupled with inspection experience, has proven to be the most cost-effective method. The carburetor float can become permanently stuck in the open position, which allows gas to flow up through the air filter and out of the mower. This is usually a sign of dirty fuel. To check generator gas leak issues we are here for the inspection and cleaning that can help resolve this problem. One or two 219 – 291 cubic foot bottles of helium are introduced to the hydrogen system and the pressure is then increased to the generators operating pressure using additional hydrogen or dry air.


Once there is helium in the system, an AES inspector will inspect the flanges, drains, welds, and vents of the generator with a vacuum probe. If the vacuum probe enters an enriched area of helium created from a generator gas leak, an indication will be recorded on the helium mass spectrometer that is used for sampling. Any helium above background will provide an indication that will be isolated to the specific component leaking.


Most generator leak can be repaired immediately while the inspection crew remains on-site to ensure the repairs have actually reduced the leakage and provided proper generator safety. In some instances, the system must be relieved of the pressure so repairs can be made. In these situations, the inspection crew can remain on-site during the de-pressurization, repair, and re-pressurization of the machine to confirm repairs. In lengthy repair evolutions, the crew can also be released and then re-assigned after the repairs to ensure the integrity of the system was achieved.

 Generator Inspection

How Long Does it Takes?

American Efficiency Services has the proven techniques and professional experience to identify the sources of generator leak within the hydrogen system within one 8 to 12 hour shift on average.


At the end of the generator inspection that we conduct we provide all results, retest results, and repair recommendations. These findings will be discussed with plant personnel to determine solutions for 100% generator safety repairs. We photograph leaks, tag leaks, and file a draft report.


All AES team members receive report writing training so that each generator inspection provides plant personnel and managers with thorough results that are easy to understand. We provide these reports with all documentation so you are fully informed when creating a solution plan with us.


Your generator safety and efficiency are important to our crew. Take it from the team who once was given the comment from a plant manager “the report is almost too good” — we put your needs first and do so in a way in which you can properly understand and implement the next steps.


Our individuals doing the work make the difference in the quality — you will experience the AES professional results right away when you hire us for a generator inspection.

Generator Leak

Why Trust AES?

Safety is the life work of our team, not just a side job we need to implement. We take all safety guidelines and practices extremely seriously, both for your safety and our own. Everyone AES team member completes 30 hours of OSHA training and then a 10 hour refresher course annually. AES understands that generator inspections require being alert and conscious of each task we complete in order to achieve 100% generator safety and efficiency at the end of the job.


AES also provides a work-life balance to all employees, boosting their productivity during each job. We conduct peer checks, background checks, continual drug tests, safety briefings and job briefings. Our crew is trusted so our jobs can be trusted.


We have provided generator leak services in several countries and in 47 out of the 50 states. We stand behind safety, commitment, integrity, quality, performance, and reporting as part of our business practice. With us, you will always know your project status and will always be able to come to us with questions and concerns. It’s not just a job completed, it’s a job completed correctly, with trust and accountability as part of the solution, every time.

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