Division Managers of American Efficiency Services

Sean Curler

Fossil Eddy Current Division Manager

Sean is NDT/Level III certified and has 17 years of experience servicing the fossil, petrochemical, and nuclear industries. Based in our Florida office, Sean is responsible for the delivery of safety and comprehensive eddy current inspections for all of our fossil customers. Tasked with developing the AES fossil eddy current program, Sean manages the training oversite and growth of this program, assisting the majority of our employees to obtain NDT Level I certification or higher. As a member of AES, he is also cross trained to perform pressure testing, tube cleaning, tube pulling, tube plugging, and expansion joint replacement services. Sean is an extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, talented, and reliable professional.

Raymond “Scott” Enloe

Nuclear Eddy Current Division Manager

Scott has been servicing the industry for 18 years, starting with MIS where he managed over 45 employees on site. Scott is an Eddy Current Level III and is responsible for the safe and comprehensive delivery of eddy current inspections to the nuclear industry. He is charged with training AES personnel in cleaning, pressure testing, plugging, inspecting, and tube pulling. Scott heads up our North Carolina office and ensures all equipment is maintained and ready to go at a moment’s notice. He is an extremely dedicated, dependable, and talented employee.

David Wiles

Principal Level III | ASNT ET Level III​​​

David joins AES with over 18 years of experience in eddy current testing and maintains an ASNT Level III certification. David will be guiding the integrity of AES’s nuclear and fossil eddy current programs as the Principal Level III. His professionalism and dynamic leadership will be instrumental in achieving new heights of excellence and we are thrilled to bring his wealth of knowledge and demonstrated record of success to our program.

Kim Massey

Director of Condenser Business Development

Kim joins AES with over 35 years of experience in the condenser service industry. Kim will be developing and implementing an overall business development strategy and supporting strategic initiatives for increasing AES’ current service and product offerings, particularly in the areas of steam inlet expansion joints, tube vibration resolution, and retubings.

Kevin Squires

Business Financial Analyst | Expansion Joint System/Replacement Division Manager

Kevin will be engaged in many aspects of the organization to help support AES’ overall growth plan as it continues to expand service and product offerings, including: enhancing the company’s infrastructure, business development, strategic planning, and project controls and financial analysis. Kevin will be leveraging his extensive knowledge in our new expansion joint product line and supporting the overall execution of projects, as well as other newly released product and service lines.


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