Condenser Tube Cleaning System

The American Efficiency Services philosophy regarding tube cleaning is this: anyone can put a cleaner in a tube and push. The individuals doing the work make the difference in quality. AES offers the complete Condenser Tube Cleaning Services available.


AES provides crews dedicated to safety, quality job performance, and completion. All personnel are full time employees of AES. Our reporting system is ready to transfer photographs and video images to our customers directly from the condenser.

Condenser Tube Cleaning

We’re Here for You, to Help Prepare for Every Cleaning


If you don’t know the project status, we aren’t doing our job. American Efficiency Services (AES) believes that providing the most available and accurate data during a condenser / heat exchanger tube cleaning gives our customers the ability to better plan for future cleanings and gain the competitive advantage necessary in today’s market.

Condenser Tube Cleaners & Tube Cleaning Services


The selection of the correct Condenser cleaner for the deposits is the most important decision to be made prior to a condenser / heat exchanger tube cleaning. If the history is unknown AES can come equipped to the job site with various cleaners to attack the exact condition once the tube bundle is exposed. AES works closely with Goodway to offer an entire line of cleaning products from the aggressive metal scrapers for hard deposits to a plastic tube scrubber for lighter / easily removed deposits. Once AES is able to establish a history based on actual conditions, we can work closely with plant personnel to determine the most economical and effective approach for future cleanings.


Safety Precautions You Can Trust


AES dispatches a Safety / Documentation Manager for each condenser / heat exchanger tube cleaning scope of work. This allows the cleaning crew to focus on their personal safety responsibilities and the cleaning scope of work while the Safety / Documentation Manager focuses on overall project safety and the collection of all pertinent data.


Thorough Communication for all Industry Clients


AES’ philosophy is to “bring the condenser out of the plant and onto our customer’s desk”. If plant personnel have a clear understanding of the condenser conditions during the cleaning they can make any critical decisions immediately and prior to the system being closed.


“Before” photographs of the waterbox, tube bundle and internal tube will be collected to identify the “as found” condition. Any abnormal or unique situations identified during the cleaning will also be photographed and documented.


Upon completion of the cleaning, “After” photographs of the waterbox, tube bundle and internal tube will be collected to record the effectiveness of the cleaning. Individual photographs and summaries can be immediately provided to plant personnel either by flash drive or e-mail directly from the work site. At the conclusion of the cleaning all of this data will be compiled into one comprehensive report and then delivered to the customer.

Tube Cleaning

State of the Art Boroscope Photography


A state of the art boroscope is used to collect the internal “before” and “after” photographs of the tubes. The boroscope is capable of capturing still photographs or recording video as the inspection probe is passed down the length of the tube. These photographs identify the condition of the buildup prior to the cleaning and then the effectiveness of the cleaning. If debris lodged in a tube is unable to be removed, the boroscope can be used to identify the type of debris. Identification of the debris can assist in determining whether or not the tube should be plugged regardless of the tube being evacuated of the debris. The boroscope has also been used by customers while AES crews were on-site to conduct foreign material post job inspections of other job sites within the facility.


The primary outcome of every tube cleaning must be a thorough cleaning that allows the customer to return the system back to service in a condition that allows it to achieve the highest possible heat transfer. If the waterbox, tube sheet and tubes do not get cleaned and unit performance does not return to service efficient – we did not do our job.

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