Condenser Tube Cleaning

condenser tube cleaningAmerican Efficiency Services’ philosophy about tube cleaning services is this: anyone can put a cleaner in a tube and push — it’s the individuals doing the work that make the difference in quality. This is why our crews are all full-time employees, with years of experience and extensive safety training to make them aware, alert, and ready to implement proven techniques for any job.


AES offers Condenser Tube Cleaning Services on a wide variety of systems that include main condensers, turbine lube oil coolers, hydrogen coolers, chillers, ACW and many more.


Our provided crews are dedicated to safety, quality job performance, and accountable completion. Our reporting system is ready to transfer photographs, tube deposit analysis, tube bundle diagrams and unit data to our customers directly from the condenser, so you have a full visual of every finding AES comes across.


AES believes that providing the most available and accurate data during a heat exchanger/condenser tube cleaning gives our customers the ability to make better plans for future cleanings and gain the competitive advantage necessary in today’s market.

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Condenser Tube Cleaners

Condenser Tube CleaningSelection of the correct Condenser Tube cleaners for the deposits encountered is the most important decision to be made prior to a condenser or heat exchanger tube cleaning. If the history is unknown, American Efficiency Services can come to the job site equipped with a variety of condenser cleaners to attack the exact condition once the tube bundle is exposed. AES works closely with Goodway to offer an entire line of cleaning products, from the aggressive metal scrapers for hard deposits to a plastic tube scrubber for lighter / easily removed deposits.


Once AES is able to establish a history based on actual conditions, AES can work closely with plant personnel to determine the most economical and effective approach for future condenser tube cleanings. Although focused on the current job at hand AES wants to ensure our customers are assisted with a long-term strategy for continuous efficient unit operation.

Tube Cleaning Safety

Safety Precautions You Can Trust for All Condenser Cleaning Services

Tube CleaningAmerican Efficiency Services dispatches a Safety / Documentation Manager for each condenser or heat exchanger tube cleaning scope of work that AES completes, in addition to the regular project manager. This allows the tube cleaning crew to focus on their personal safety responsibilities and the cleaning scope of work while the Safety / Documentation Manager focuses on the overall project safety and the collection of all pertinent data during the condenser services.

Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning in Action

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