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tube cleaning industry leaders American Efficiency Services is recognized as the industry leader because we put safety and efficiency first in everything we do. We support electrical generating, petrochemical, paper, food processing, pharmaceutical, and ethanol-producing facilities, providing a full range of condenser related services, products and solutions, from six full-time offices located across the United States.  


Since 2001, AES has provided open, clear communication and valuable system information to our customers for leak detection services and tube cleaning, which has now evolved into include expansion joint repair and replacement, eddy current testing, vibration resolution, and retubing. Our reporting system transfers photographs, diagrams and video images directly from the work area. Our findings are detailed in comprehensive final reports providing the information, including charts, analysis, and recommendations, you need to determine potential patterns of failure for maintenance and to aid plant personnel in prioritizing and making repairs. In fact, our final reports are so thorough and contain so much valuable information, a plant manager remarked that they were “almost too good”. 


Leave nothing to chance when you hire AES—we get the job done and ensure you know what we know every step of the way. We are the Efficiency Experts.


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Air Leakage DetectorAmerican Efficiency Services utilizes helium as a tracer gas to locate various leaks in vacuum and pressure systems for industrial industries. A leaking component allows the helium to enter the system for negative pressure operation or be forced from the system for positive pressure operation. Our technicians monitor for excess amounts of helium recorded on their helium mass spectrometer. Each leak location is recorded, noting severity and potential repair options. You, as our customer, receive definitive leak tags, close-up and clear photos of the leak location, and a comprehensive written final report.


AES employs the most educated and experienced staff of inspectors in the industry. While no inspection or scenario is ever the same, our experience level combined with our employees’ vast knowledge base, means we will locate all leaks while on-site; in fact, we guarantee it.


Trust AES for your helium inspection needs and see why we are the Efficiency Experts.

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Expansion Joint RepairAmerican Efficiency Services provide safety-guaranteed project management for condenser steam inlet expansion joint repair and replacement services.


Included as part of our expansion joint replacement and repair project management services, AES:


  • documents all “as found” expansion joint conditions, both internally and externally;
  • cleans all surface areas to prep for installation;
  • inspects all studs, clamping bars, and steam shields;
  • reports any replacement parts or repairs that are necessary to plant management early in the process.


Trust AES for your expansion joint needs and see why we are the Efficiency Experts.


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s flex expansion joint systemAmerican Efficiency Services has long provided replacement and repair services for steam inlet expansion joints. Recognized for our experienced project management and uncompromising commitment to safety, AES has acquired all legal rights to the cutting-edge S-Flex® and S-Flex II® product lines and has expanded into manufacturing. These are the same “S”-shaped products originally pioneered and patented by Bob Hahn and well known throughout the industry for their superior design and performance.


AES will now be the sole source provider of the patented S-Flex® steam inlet expansion joint and S-Flex II® system, including the capability to provide turnkey installation solutions.


Trust AES for superior expansion joint products and see why we are the Efficiency Experts.”


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eddy current testing equipmentIt is important to understand the health of your condenser tubes and the eddy current services provided by American Efficiency Services can help do so. Eddy current Testing is the use of electromagnetic testing to identify surface and sub-surface flaws in conductive materials. It is also commonly used to examine non-ferrous tubing in condensers and heat exchangers.  


When coupled with our tube cleaning program, these services can reduce the cost of both cleaning and eddy current inspection. Routine cleanings assist with immediate improvements to heat transfer and allow for quality eddy current data to be collected.  


Trust AES for your eddy current testing and see why we are the Efficiency Experts.


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condenser tube cleaning by AESAmerican Efficiency Services’ philosophy about tube cleaning services is this: anyone can put a cleaner in a tube and push — it’s the individuals doing the work that make the difference in quality. We offer the most complete, comprehensive tube cleaning you will find in the industry. When we perform tube cleaning and other tube services, you always receive updates on progress, photos and videos of the work completed, and a project plan, including tube deposit analysis, for future cleanings to stay ahead of any issues.


Whether you are a new client or coming back for repeat services, we have a strategy in place to tackle your tube cleaning. Working closely with Goodway, we offer a variety of cleaners and chemicals for the various fouling mechanisms identified inside of condenser tubes. We will create a cleaning project plan to help keep your tubes clean and improve your plant’s performance.


Trust AES for your tube cleaning services and see why we are the Efficiency Experts.


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tube removalRetubing projects consist of many layers of complex work tasks and activities and require the level of experience and knowledge American Efficiency Services brings to the work site.


Using our proven sequenced approach, AES ensures that complex projects are performed safely and delivered with quality workmanship, on time, and within budget.


We provide top-notch condenser retubing tasks including:

  • Sample Tube Removal
  • Tube/Tube Sheet Plugging
  • Tube Sleeving
  • Tube Procurement
  • Tube Sheet Replacement
  • Tube Sheet Serrating
  • Tube Expansion
  • Tube Staking


Trust AES for your condenser retubing services and see why we are the Efficiency Experts.


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cradle lockSince November of 1988, Cradle-Lock® has been the industry’s solution for vibration-induced tube failures in steam surface condensers and heat exchangers. Pioneered and patented by Bob Hahn, Cradle-Lock® Anti-Vibration Tube Stakes are now offered exclusively through American Efficiency Services.


Tube vibration, if left unresolved, may result in catastrophic tube failures and the subsequent unplanned shutdown of the unit. All AES Cradle-Lock® stakes are custom-engineered and fabricated of 304 stainless- steel using precision dies to precisely mimic the tube pitch and spacing characteristics of your condenser or heat exchanger. No matter you design, tube spacing, or tube material we have a Cradle-Lock® stake design that will protect your tubes from damage as a result of vibration.


Trust AES to solve your tube vibration challenges and see why we are the Efficiency Experts.


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Tube LeakCondenser tube inspections are vital for understanding a failure mechanism, confirm eddy current data, or obtain a visual inspection of a tube’s condition. American Efficiency Services identifies any defects, determines patterns in failures and puts together an effective service plan you can count on. Pressure and vacuum inspections, single tube testing on heat exchangers, boiler duct inspections and borescope inspections are all available from our trusted maintenance team. We provide condenser repair, maintenance, and plug replacement services. With full-time, safety-trained employees, we are ready to handle your condenser services whatever they may be.


Trust AES for all your condenser maintenance, testing, and repair services and see why we are the Efficiency Experts.


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American Efficiency Services
American Efficiency Services
American Efficiency Services

American Efficiency Services is the industry leader in providing a full line of product and service offerings to keep your unit running efficiently. Using our proven and safe technologies, our services and products are offered throughout the United States and abroad at electrical generating, petrochemical, paper, food processing, pharmaceutical, and ethanol-producing facilities.


Let AES be your trusted source for safely providing a full range of superior products and services including: helium leak detection, electrical generator and condenser tube inspections, condenser tube cleaning, eddy current inspections, condenser expansion joint replacement, S-Flex® and S-Flex II® steam inlet expansion joints and system, turn-key condenser retubing projects, vibration resolution utilizing our Cradle-Lock® anti-vibration stakes, and basket tips drilled to ASME standards.


We are the only company that stands behind our leak detection service with this guarantee – if we don’t find the leak, you don’t pay.  AES is your trusted, expert source for safe, superior services.


In short, AES is your one stop shop for the industry!


Headquartered in Maryland, AES is supported by six fully staffed offices in Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. With so many locations, we service the entire United States and can also travel to support our international customers–all on time and cost-effectively.


Contact us today to discuss how our services and products can work for you. Our crews are available 24/7 and staffed with personnel who are committed to uphold the highest degree of safety, professionalism, and industry standards. Call us and discover the American Efficiency Services way.