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Leak Detection Services


The Industry Leader in Leak Detection, Tube Service and Condenser Maintenance

American Efficiency Services is your trusted, expert source for safe, superior, guaranteed Leak Detection Services, Tube Cleaning, and Industrial Inspections.


Using our proven, safe techniques, any vacuum or pressure system you have has the potential to be inspected online or offline. We provide leak detection services and more to a large number of industries, including electrical generating, petrochemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, and ethanol-producing facilities.


Our headquarters is based in Maryland, but we have six total, fully-staffed offices; you can find us in Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia, and Texas. With so many locations, we service all of the United States and can travel internationally, all on-time and cost-effectively.


Contact us today to discuss our leak detection services or our other services that can work for you. Our crews are available 24/7 and we only have full-time staff members as our personnel, so you know they are upheld to the highest safety and industry standards. Call us today, and live the American Efficiency Services way.

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Additional Services Provided

Tube Service

We are the industry leader in guaranteed leak detection and tube service because we put safety first, have dedicated full-time personnel, four fully-staffed offices across the United States, and we provide a range of services for each industrial industry.


Since 2001, we have made sure we don’t just provide leak detection services and tube cleaning, but that we provide open, clear communication with our clients, so you know what is happening when we do.


With our reporting system, we are ready to transfer photographs and video images to you directly from the condenser. Our inspection findings are comprehensive, provide records for potential patterns of failure for maintenance, and aid plant personnel with repairs.


You, as our customer, receive definitive leak tags, close-up and clear photos of the leak locations, and a written final report. We are so thorough, in fact, that we have been told by a plant manager that our reports were “almost too good.”


Leave nothing to chance when you hire American Efficiency Services, and you will know what we know, every step of the way.

American Leak Detection

American Leak Detection Services By our Efficiency Experts

Condenser Air Inleakage InspectionsAmerican Efficiency Services utilizes helium as our american leak detection service.


A leaking component will allow the helium to enter the steam space and from there, the helium will be removed by the unit’s air removal system.


An inspector of ours will locate the discharge of the air removal system with a mass spectrometer sensitive to helium. As the helium is ejected from the system, the mass spectrometer registers an indication, and we record each location and severity of the leaks, along with potential repair options.


American Efficiency is able to complete a helium leak detection service anywhere from within one to three 8-12 hour shifts. We take into consideration the size of the unit, the leaks discovered during inspection, the station’s pro-active stance on repairing and re-inspecting, and other factors.

Efficiency Experts

condenser Expansion Joint

Efficiency experts provide safety-guaranteed project management for condenser expansion joint repair and replacement services.


Part of our expansion joint replacement and repair project management services include documenting all “as found” expansion joint conditions, both internally and externally; cleaning all surface areas to prep for installation; inspecting the studs, clamping bars, and steam shields; reporting to plant management early in the process any replacement parts or repairs that are necessary that we discover, and more.


Trust us for your expansion joint services, and you will see why we are called the efficiency experts.

Eddy Current Testing Services Across America

eddy current testing equipmentEddy Current Testing is the use of electromagnetic testing to find leaks and identify surface and sub-surface flaws in conductive materials. It is additionally used to examine non-ferrous tubing in condenser and heat exchangers. Although many people may not be familiar with this service, it is becoming a leader for non-destructive testing in the field.


American Efficiency Services offers eddy current testing for checking a pipe’s surface area, checking for faults inside pipes, remote testing of carbon steel pipes, carbon steel weld inspections, and clad thickness, among other uses.


If you want to discuss how eddy-current testing could work for you, reach out today.

Tube Cleaning

Our Tube Service Company

Tube Leak InspectionsOur tube service company’s philosophy surrounding tube cleaning services is that anyone can put a cleaner in a tube and push — it is the individuals doing the work that make the difference in quality.


We offer the most complete, comprehensive tube cleaning you can find across the nation. When we complete tube cleaning and other tube services, you always receive updates on progress; photos and videos of the work completed; and a project plan for future cleanings to stay ahead of any issues.


Whether you are a new client or coming back for repeat services, we have a strategy in place to tackle your tube cleaning. Working closely with Goodway, we are able to offer a variety of cleaners for new jobs, and then we create a cleaning project plan for repeat services to keep us being your number one efficiency experts.

Condenser Coil Replacement and Condenser Maintenance Services

Condenser Repair and Other Condenser Services We Provide

condenser tube cleaningCondenser tube inspections are vital for understanding a failure of the mechanism, confirm eddy current data, or obtain a visual inspection of the tube’s condition.


We identify any defects and are able to determine patterns in the failures and put together an effective service plan you can count on. Pressure and vacuum inspections, single tube testing on heat exchangers, boiler duct inspections and boroscope inspections are available from our trusted safety crew.


We provide condenser repair, condenser maintenance, and condenser coil replacement services. With full-time, safety trained employees, we are ready to handle your condenser services, whatever they may be.

Leak Detection Services by Efficiency Experts

American Efficiency ServicesManaging leak detection services, tube cleaning and services, condenser repair, eddy-current testing, and more, it is extremely vital to put safety first on every job.


When you hire American Efficiency Services for your tube service and more, trust that we put the safety of your property and the safety of our crew above everything else.


OSHA training is part of our required process to become a leak detection service crew member, along with refresher courses, repeat drug testings, background checks, peer checks, briefings twice a day, and hazard analysis.


All of these implementations are why we boast 0 incidents for OSHA recordables and are just another reason why you should trust the AES efficiency experts for your leak detective services and more. We come to you, nationally and internationally, for all needs.

We Have Seven Offices Across America

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