American Efficiency Services (AES)


We Are Efficiency Experts…GUARANTEED

AES is your source for safe, superior, guaranteed Leak Detection, Tube Cleaning, and Industrial Inspections.


Any vacuum or pressure system has the potential to be inspected on and/or off line with AES techniques. AES has provided these services to a wide variety of industries including electrical generating, petrochemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, and ethanol producing facilities.


Traveling from office locations in Maryland (our headquarters), Florida, Missouri, and Texas, AES is ready and able to quickly and cost-effectively mobilize anywhere in the world. We have provided services to customers across the United States, as well as Internationally.






Our Services

Condenser Air Inleakage

– Leak Detection and Repair


Condenser Tube Inspection

– Full or Partial Entry


Electrical Generator Inspections

Expansion Joint Replacement

Mechanical Cleaning

– Types of Cleaners Used


Chemical Cleaning

– Condenser Descaling




Tube Plugging / Plug Removal

– And More!!


Additional Services Provided

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