Tube Cleaning Machines

Staff Augmentation and Additional Services Provided

American Efficiency Services provides additional services to the electrical generating industry. Our commitment to excellence, achieved through integrity, communication, honesty, dedication to quality, valuable reporting, and more, has all given us the experience and routes needed to provide more for our clients.


Some of our additional services besides our standard tube cleaning machines include project management for power plants, staff augmentation, and condenser consulting.


With experience in various countries and 47 out of the 50 states, we know how to recommend proven solutions for you and your facility. From power plants to other industrial locations, trust us to be the crew to work for you. It is not all tube cleaning machines, it is about thorough results no matter what you are facing.


Reach out to our team to discuss options that will work best for you and your business. It is our belief that is not the work that is done but the individuals who do it, and we are the experienced team you can count on for valuable input and project completion.

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Project Management for Power Plants

AES offers project management to plants that choose to conduct helium inspections or tube cleaning in-house. Although plant personnel are familiar with their operating system and the components that are the potential sources of leakage, there are times when AES’s years of experience are vital in identifying the exact source of leakage for a tube cleaning machine.


AES will offer one of our Project Managers to work with your team to a successful end in the identification of the source(s) of leakage if you require some additional project management on your power plant. We work with honesty, integrity, a high work ethic, and unbeatable quality, all standards you can stand behind and trust in.


AES also offers Project Managers to assist with a plant’s in-house tube cleaning needs and tube cleaning machines. Our Project Managers will provide leadership on the methodology our crew applies while in the field, hands-on cleaning assistance, and the documentation necessary to assess station needs for the next outage’s tube cleaning.


These tasks will aid your team with understanding the leaks, what solutions are best, and how to proceed in the future for the best results. Acquire assistance from professionals so the job can be completed correctly the first time and you can move forward with confidence.

Staff Augmentation

AES offers professional personnel to plants that choose to conduct helium inspections or tube cleaning in-house. Plants may have their own leak detection and/or tube cleaning equipment but don’t always have the personnel to fully staff the effort, and that is where staff augmentation from AES can be highly valuable.


AES will offer the use of our technicians to work with your team to a successful end in the identification of the source(s) of leakage or the cleaning of heat exchanger tubes. This can speed up your process, provide confidence, and help you succeed in conducting the cleaning or inspection without any major setbacks.


Staff augmentation from AES can be an extremely helpful service when there are specific or general areas in your own team lack expertise. Staff augmentation will fill in the gaps of knowledge, hands-on experience, or general numbers to get you where you want to be for the course of the cleaning or inspection.


Talk to us about what knowledge you are seeking or how many more crew members you need to feel confident moving forward. With a staff augmentation from AES, you also know you are receiving workmen who value safety, accountability, and honesty. No one works harder, and no one will serve you better.

Condenser Consulting

Due to AES’ exposure to the various types of condensers in the electrical generating industry, covering 47 out of 50 states and various countries, we have been called upon to provide our professional opinion on a consulting basis on several occasions, and always do so happily.


AES has also been successful in leading efforts to pull together other industry experts to evaluate and produce a resolution to many different types of issues that plague the end user, resulting in positive remedies for all. AES is dedicated to obtaining a resolution to any problem existing on condensers, tube cleaning machines, and more.


Our mission is the belief that the individuals who do the work are the ones that make the difference, and that is backed by the confidence our clients have in us when they call upon us for a condenser consultation. We have worked on such a large variety of tube cleaning machines and other equipment that our knowledge is valuable in helping others correct issues they are facing.


With AES, you always have someone you can call on with accountability. We work hard to provide solutions and consult with others so the solution is comprehensive and expands all areas, making sure you always get back in working order.

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