The Owners of American Efficiency Services

Wallace Scherer

Wallace Scherer brings more than 20 years of corporate business acumen as well as banking and financial project experience to his role as AES’s CFO / Vice President of Marketing. He has solid credentials as both a Controller and Chief Financial Officer in the private and public sectors. In 1999 he joined InTank as CFO, and was then instrumental in joining Mr. Lawson and Mr. Mechem in founding AES.


Originally from Norfolk, Virginia, Wally earned a BS in Accounting at the University of Richmond followed by an MBA in Finance from Virginia Commonwealth University.


Wally is responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of financial information, and is a key contributor to the company’s overall business strategy. He fields customer calls and manages crew schedules. He is also actively involved in human resources.

Dyron Lawson

Dyron Lawson brings more than 20 years working in the utility and robotics industries to his role as AES’s COO / Executive Project Manager.


Hailing from St. Petersburg, Florida, Dyron began his career in leak detection services at SAIC, where he was a project technician and project manager, before being hired by ARD Environmental to implement a leak detection business unit. In 2001, he led the buy-out effort of that unit, which resulted in the establishment of AES. Dyron managed the establishment of AES’ first satellite office in Tampa, Florida in 2004.


Dyron has conducted/managed more than 1,500 helium leak inspections for condenser air inleakage, condenser tube leaks, main generator hydrogen cooling systems, steam generator and stator cooling water systems. He is well known throughout the industry for his unparalled success rate in finding customer’s problems on units big and small.


​In addition to his COO role, Dyron is the Vice President of Direct Sales for AES and is responsible for rapidly expanding the company’s customer base while maintaining the quality of service and availability to meet demand.

Robert Mechem

Robert Mechem brings more than 25 years electrical power generation industry experience in business ownership, sales, management and field operations to his role as AES’s Managing Partner / CEO and Safety Manager.


A native of Cumberland, Maryland, Robert began his career as a field technician for the leak detection unit of SAIC. In 1991 he left to start his own company, Mechem Power Inspections. His success attracted the attention of a rival company, and in 1992 he was bought out by The Atlantic Group, where he then managed the leak detection group, as well as working in the field conducting inspections and turbine/condenser expansion joint replacement, installation of condenser vibration solutions, tube cleaning, and heat exchanger tube replacement. In 1998 Robert joined InTank as Vice President of Operations, where he increased robotic and manual inspection sales and improved the quality of service to customers as well as internal processes. In 2001 he joined with Mr. Lawson and Mr. Scherer to assist in leading the buy-out and development of AES.


Robert has conducted over 1,200 inspections throughout the world, including 40 states and 7 countries. He has supervised more than 20 crews conducting various helium, sulfur hexafluoride, infrared, robotic and ultrasonic non-destructive inspections. He brings this depth of experience and knowledge to his responsibilities at AES, which include business planning, technical analysis, safety manager, process control, sales and business development.

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