Condenser Expansion Joint Replacement

With Focus On Safety”

American Efficiency Services (AES) now offers the safest project management for condenser expansion joint replacement and expansion joint repair services. Our quality process includes:


  • Documenting all “as found” expansion joint conditions internally and externally prior to removing any hardware and the expansion joint itself.
  • Cleaning all surface areas, stud threads and steam shields free of debris prior to the installation of the new expansion joint.
  • Inspecting all studs, clamping bars and steam shields to ensure their integrity is of high quality.
  • Identifying any replacements and/or repairs necessary and reporting to plant personnel early in the process.
  • Measuring around the circumference every 10’ to document any misalignments and where those misalignments exists.
  • Conducting a final torque verification of all bolts once the new expansion joint is in place and vulcanized.
  • Conducting an off-line helium inspection of the condenser expansion joint after all hardware is installed to ensure there are no gross breaches between the expansion joint hardware and the expansion joint itself.
  • Noting all anomalies identified during the expansion joint replacement in the final report, as well as the “as left” conditions.


With AES, your expansion join replacement or repair is entirely thorough, and you know what we know every step of the way.

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Expansion Joint Replacement

“Why Trust AES with Your”

condenser Expansion JointAmerican Efficiency Services takes all of our jobs, including expansion joint replacements and repairs, very seriously. We have provided services across 47 out of the 50 states, and have traveled to various countries based on our reputation for reliable work.


Clients know they can trust us for all condenser expansion joint services because we put safety first, communicate all of our findings, and have experience in every area. All of our employees are full-time crewmen, meaning that each employee on our team has unbeatable experience in the field and the time to dedicate to each client and project that we are hired for.


With a work-life balance as part of our business operations, each of our crewmen is well rested and ready for each job we take on, guaranteeing you a dedicated team that is mindful, alert, and motivated.


Our business is built on safety 100% of the time, commitment to the most thorough and comprehensive expansion joint repairs and replacements in the industry, integrity and open communication, quality reports and follow-up on our work, outstanding and accountable performance, and valuable and reliable reports for each job.


When you hire American Efficiency Services, you get a dedicated company that values your time and your business property. Built on a high work ethic and integrity, you can trust us when you hire us for every expansion joint service needed.

Expansion Joint Repair

“Completed with 100% Safety Dedication”

American Efficiency ServicesAmerican Efficiency Services is known for our safety rating. When we complete an expansion joint repair or replacement, we consider all of the safety factors that go into such a large job, and we comply with all OSHA standards.


When you begin a job with safety, you end it confidently and with proven, effective solutions. This is why all of our crewmen receive thirty hours of OSHA safety training within their first week of employment, and we invest in annual ten-hour refresher safety trainings for everyone.


AES provides peer checks, background checks, drug tests, twice-a-day job briefings, daily safety briefings, and job hazard analysis. For condenser joint expansion jobs and others, we want everyone to be safe to get the job done correctly, and on time.


We start with our crew so we can pass effective, safe applications on to you during our time working on your expansion joint repair. It is our belief that we lead by example, with integrity in how we do our job and accountability with our results. We never cut corners, and we always work with proven, safe results. For your next expansion joint replacement, talk to AES and learn what the difference can be with a team that puts safety first on the job site.

Condenser Expansion Joint

What Is In Your Expansion Final Report?

Expansion Joint RepairAmerican Efficiency Services believes in thorough communication with a comprehensive overview of everything we found while providing you condenser expansion joint services, repairs, and replacements. This is why we have honed a reporting system that we have come to be known for.


In addition to every Project Manager on site, we also have a Safety / Documentation Manager. Their responsibility is to ensure the on-site safety culture exceeds our customer’s requirements and achieves AES’ standards, while also collecting cleaning information data and compiling a comprehensive report.


The report you receive at the end of our work includes photographs of all work and important findings, tags of leaks, our determination of the impact of these findings on your facility, and what retests we completed to determine the right avenue for repairs.


We suggest repairs in our expansion joint reports, performance results you may see based on our findings, and detailed statistics about when attention will need to be administered to the areas where the findings were documented.


We have not done our job if we leave and you do not feel 100% informed. Past plant managers have commented our reports are “almost too good”, and this is because we rely on information to help us all make the right decisions for your equipment repairs. Next time you need an expansion joint repair, talk to us to learn the best avenue for success.

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