Expansion Joint Replacement

American Efficiency Services (AES) now offers the safest project management for condenser expansion joint repair and replacement services.



AES’ Quality Process Includes:

  • Documenting all “as found” expansion joint conditions internally and externally prior to removing any hardware and the expansion joint itself
  • Cleaning all surface areas, stud threads and steam shields free of debris prior to the installation of the new expansion joint
  • Inspecting all studs, clamping bars and steam shields to ensure their integrity is of high quality
  • Identifying any replacements and/or repairs necessary and reporting to plant personnel early in the process
  • Measuring around the circumference every 10’ to document any misalignment and where that misalignment exists
  • Conducting a final torque verification of all bolts once the new expansion joint is in place and vulcanized
  • Conducting an off-line helium inspection of the condenser expansion joint after all hardware is installed to ensure there are no gross breaches between the expansion joint hardware and the expansion joint itself
  • Noting all anomalies identified during the expansion joint replacement in the final report, as well as the “as left” conditions
condenser Expansion Joint
Expansion Joint Repair

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