Chemical Cleaning of Condenser Tubes

Chemical Cleaning (Condenser Descaling) is another highly impactful cleaning process for a variety of heat exchangers. This can be used exclusively for cleaning or used in combination with mechanical cleaning methods.


This heat exchanger descaling chemical process utilizes safe, yet powerful, acids to quickly dissolve calcium, limescale, rust, lithium carbonate and other types of deposits from passages in water-cooled or heated equipment like chiller tubes, boiler tubes, heat exchangers and more. We feature exclusively the ScaleBreak line from Goodway Technologies as part of our chemical cleaning for condenser and chiller services.


It is safe for use on a wide variety of metals, plastics and rubber and quickly helps to improve the operating efficiency and extend the life of your equipment. These advanced formulas offer incredible performance and protection and are fortified with powerful low foaming, wetting and penetrating agents and superior corrosion inhibitors. This allows the powerful cleaning ingredients to do their work on scale and other deposits, without the high corrosion rates associated with simple acids.

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Heat Exchanger Descaling Chemical

Perfect for Power Plant Operations

Chemical CleaningIf you are wondering if these heat exchanger descaling chemical are right for your facility, check out our checklist below. We recommend their use in various industries for condenser and chiller services, including:


  • Heat Exchangers
  • Chillers
  • Coolers
  • Condensers


We have the perfect heat exchanger cleaning chemicals to circulate and remove mineral deposits from heat exchanger tubes! The chemical composition of scale deposits differs widely from location to location. We offer the expertise to determine the correct formulation of industrial descaler to best match the deposits you have. We can even test deposits beforehand and recommend the specific formulation for your condenser descaling.


Additionally, we provide a complete condenser and chiller services, including pumping and neutralization of the inhibited acids, and readying them for safe disposal in accordance with all local regulations. We utilize a highly engineered system for delivering and recirculating chemical solutions, including high performance GDS units from Goodway Technologies.


Chemical cleaning have extensive uses across a wide platform of industrial facilities, so talk to us about what you need or what issues you are seeing, and we can provide the best solution specific to your facility and its function. American Efficiency Services is widely experienced across 47 states and in various countries, so no matter what you need, we have the experience to deliver accountable, proven results.

Condenser and Chiller Services

Proper Safety for Chiller Condenser Tube Cleaning

Condenser DescalingAmerican Efficiency Services is known for our safety when on job sites, and off. When we complete a chemical cleaning we take into consideration all of the safety factors that go into the job, and we comply with all OSHA standards during the process.


When you begin a job with safety, you end it confidently and with proven, effective solutions. This mindset is why all of our crewmen receive thirty hours of OSHA safety training within their first week of employment with AES, and we invest in annual ten-hour refresher safety trainings for all of our crew.


AES utilizes peer checks, background checks, drug tests, twice-a-day job briefings (morning and mid-day), daily safety briefings, and job hazard analysis to ensure top safety conditions at all times. For all condenser descaling jobs and condenser tube and chiller services, we want everyone to be safe to get the job done correctly, on time, so your facility functions as it should without any delays.


We start safety with our crew so we can pass effective, safe applications on to you during our time working on your chemical cleaning. It is our belief that we lead by example, with integrity in how we do our job and accountability for our results. We never cut corners, and we always work with proven, safe results that you can trust. For your next condenser and chiller service, talk to AES and learn what the difference can be with a team that puts safety first.

Condenser Descaling

The AES Reporting Process

Descaling Tubes Before and After with AESAmerican Efficiency Services believes in thorough communication during every chemical cleaning with a comprehensive overview of everything we found during the job process. This is why we have honed a reporting system that we have come to be known for and that we can stand behind to inform you completely of what was found.


In addition to every Project Manager on site, we also have a Safety / Documentation Manager on site. Their responsibility is to ensure the on-site safety culture exceeds your requirements and achieves the AES standards. They also collect cleaning information data and compile a comprehensive report for delivery at the end of the condenser descaling job.


The report you receive at the end of our work includes photographs of all work completed and important findings, tags of leaks, our determination of the impact of these findings on your facility, and what retests we completed to determine the right avenue for repairs.


We additionally provide suggestions on repairs in our condenser and chiller services’ reports, performance results you may see based on our findings, and detailed statistics about when attention will need to be administered to the areas where the findings were documented.


We have not done our job if we leave and you do not feel 100% informed and prepared for future maintenance. Past plant managers have commented that our reports are “almost too good”, and this is because we rely on information to help us all make the right decisions for your equipment repairs.

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